Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take a Supermodel to Work Day, featuring Kate Upton and the Oklahoma City Thunder

This is a public service announcement to all sports superstars that think they need to leave their current small market town for a bigger city, DBA victims of The South Beach Theory

Mambinites, please check out the afore-linked video shot by Skullcandy,  Kate Upton and NBA stars Kevin Durant and James Harden. It's a perfectly fine waste of two minutes of your work day.

Please note that the proceeding reasons were NOT why Skullcandy shot this video:
  • Oklahoma City is a major television market
  • KD and Harden have marketable personalities
  • The Thunder top the league in merchandise sales
  • Durant and Harden are good looking
None of those things are true. Especially the last bullet point. However, these are the reasons why a company sent out a film crew and a SUPER MODEL to Oklahoma to film this spot:
  •  The Thunder win, and they win a lot.
  • These two superstars genuinely care about winning above all else, and conduct themselves in a manner that best reflects that. 
That's it. Amazing.

Maybe the focus for guys like Carmelo and Dwight moving forward shouldn't be finding the biggest television market or the highest density urban center. Maybe it should be which team is run the best and consistently puts together a winning product on the floor. For all the talk of where Melo should go, or who Dwight wants to be traded to, it's amazing to me that San Antonio, Boston and Utah aren't met with the same type of trade speculation considering how often they win, and win big. Winning makes you marketable. Over everything else.

It even lets you bring a super model to work.

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