Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instant Trade Analysis: KOBEsh to Silver Screen and Roll

Silver Screen and Roll is a SB Nation blog "devoted to Lakers News, Commentary, and Analysis." Personally, I'm more a fan of Mambino's color schematics, but SSR is a real website, something I cannot truly say about us.

Mambinites know that KOBEsh's piece on Andrew Bynum was linked in Bill Simmons' mailbag 9 days ago. The amount of traffic (plus return customers! Yay!) and exposure to what used to be just a simple hobby has been exciting and humbling. KOBEsh put the foot on the gas pedal this past week to take advantage of Mambino's new found fame, and what has resulted was an invite to write pieces for a more established interwebspace.

Silver Screen and Roll is getting a good dude who can write with the best of them. (And I can't wait to see what his posts will look like with a real editor! Maybe you can produce less typographical errors!) THE GREAT MAMBINO will receive more exposure and more traffic. Good trade for both sides.

Never fear, young readers. KOBEsh is not leaving us. Look at this as a way of showcasing Mambino's homegrown talent. We wish our #1 the best, and to not forget about us on his way to superstardom.

I still need time to process what happened in Miami yesterday. Allow the broken fan in me to wait one more day, and check back tomorrow for my Game 1 recap of Knicks-Heat.