Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instant Trade Analysis: Eagles trade up to #12

Philadelphia traded the #15 overall pick to move up 3 spots to #12, Seattle's pick. Seattle's additional picks received from Philly were in the 4th and 6th round.

TuckRule needed to take a break to engage in...umm...well let's just say he's taking a break. Philadelphia saw that so many teams passed on legitimate top-10 talent and took a shot. Mississippi defensive tackle Fletcher Cox will now be terrorizing the NFC East while wearing Eagle Green, in what clearly is an attack on TuckRule's fandom (that's RGIII, Morris Claiborne, and now Cox).

Philadelphia fills a tremendous need here and also got the best player on the board. Their offense is still Dream Team...-ish, and Cox will help the defense. The 6th rounder doesn't mean so much since they received Atlanta's 7th round pick in the recent Asante Samuel trade, so this is basically moving up 3 spots for the price of a 4th rounder. Not bad. On a day where Cleveland and Dallas gave up too much, Philly gets an A+.

And TuckRule just felt like he had to GChat me this: The Eagles run defense was pretty shoddy last year, so, like all men from Philadelphia, they’ll enjoy life a lot more with some extra Cox thrown in.

Nice one. Did the kids on the jungle gym like it?

(Ed. update: Seattle took the first reach of the draft, selecting West Virginia defensive end Bruce Irvin. He dropped out of high school, went to jail, got a G.E.D., and finally went to a real school. Oh, and last month, he was arrested for knocking a restaurant sign off of a delivery truck. Viva la era de Pete Carroll!)

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