Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instant Trade Analysis: Browns move up to #3

I have commissioned TuckRule to provide you, loyal Mambinites, with a heavy dose of Instant Trade Analyses for tonight's NFL Draft. We begin with the Cleveland Browns trading the 4th overall pick, along with their 4th, 5th, and 7th round picks, to move ONE spot up, taking the Minnesota Vikings' 3rd overall pick. Yeah, you heard (read?) me right.

And…we’re off. Actually, we’re not off yet. The draft is still about 30 minutes away at the time I’m writing this, but the first trade of the night has already been made. As Jay Glazer and Adam Schefter are reporting, the Browns have traded up from the 4th to 3rd overall picks, swapping spots with the Vikings, giving up 4th, 5th, and 7th picks in addition to their 1st rounder.

Although it can’t be confirmed, I’m assuming the Browns are trading up specifically so they can be sure they’ll get Alabama running back Trent Richardson, and I have to say, I absolutely love the trade for both sides. For the Vikings, they got their wish and moved down, and can still be sure the guy they want (Matt Kalil IMHO) is still available, and they’re getting 3 extra picks basically for free. Solid move.

Now, for the Browns, I’m doing backflips. As you may have guessed from the latest Mambino Mock, I haven’t given up on Colt McCoy just yet. He hasn’t been phenomenal, but he hasn’t been gawd-awful either. And he’s toed that line with absolutely no talent around him. Richardson just might remove that Atlas-like weight off of his shoulders, giving the former Longhorn a chance to succeed. Some may say this means the Browns should take a WR like Justin Blackmon so Colt has someone to throw to, but Trent is an otherworldly talent that you just can't pass up. The Browns have another 1st round pick that they can now use on the best available WR, the guess here being Georgia Tech's Stephen Hill.

On a personal note, as the owner of the first overall pick in my long running fantasy football keeper league, I couldn’t be happier with this trade. The Browns are going to feed Trent the rock ALL DAY. I’m just salivating at the potential of Peyton Hillis, version 2010, getting a ton of carries. Only this time, just, ya know, Cleveland will have lots more talent holding the ball.

The bell-cow back may be on the endangered list, but it’s not extinct yet, and Trent Richardson has infused some much needed vitality into that species.

In case you missed it, the third and final version of MAMBINO's NFL Mock Draft is right here.

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