Saturday, June 4, 2011

See you around, Wheelchair

Let's pretend I have an old piece of crap car and I want to fix it up real nice. Because my collar isn't blue enough to do it myself, I hire people to do it for me. But I buy the parts and do the best I can as the brains of the operation. Maybe not all parts fit with my pet project, and maybe the first couple test runs don't go so well. At the end of the year, there's a big race I wanna enter with the local hoodlums around my block.

Come race time, I pull my car up against the likes of The Blur (bonus points if you feel me on that one). But The Blur "sweeps" the floor with me and my team.

My car rolls up and I take a couple minutes to analyze the situation. Sure, we didn't win this year, but maybe, just mayyyybe...with some extra luck, we can impress the field next year. My crew is downtrodden yet somehow optimistic. My driver, in particular, did a hell of a job, considering the unenviable task of running my once-sunk ship.

So I fire him.

Ok, not a perfect analogy, but hopefully you get the hint. Donnie Walsh is no longer the General Manager of YOUR New York Knickerbockers after a quite stellar 3 years at the helm. And as much as I throw jabs at Wheelchair, he put STAT and Melo in the Garden, front and center. Not quite LBJ and D-Wade, but hey, at least the Bocks are bar conversation-worthy again.

I wasn't overly upset with being eliminated from the playoffs, even in such embarrassing fashion, because NYC was playing with house money. I was legit stoked to see what Wheelchair would do at this month's Draft and for the next couple of years. But Jimmy D decided that just the Draft was good enough, as Walsh's contract will expire without renewal at month's end.

I could go on and on about why this is not the right move, but it's a Saturday afternoon as I write this, and I won't whore this post out til Monday morning, when you idiots need something to read to pass the time at your job. By then, our "now" obsessed culture will have moved on to bigger and better things. (Hardly. But whatever.) I'm certainly sad, but not even this can shake my hopes and dreams for next season.

Unless of course, this guy comes back. Measure your neck size and get your noose ready, just in case.


  1. my balls went into my body when I clicked "this guy" and saw Isiah

  2. you might wanna get that checked out. sounds serious.