Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not so Instant Trade Analysis: Nerd trades

I call these "nerd trades" because quite frankly, if you care about this, you are a basketball nerd. There is no way around it. Read on, Urkels.

Memphis Gets: Shane Battier, Ishmael Smith

Houston Gets: Hasheem Thabeet, Demarre Carrol, 2011 1st rounder

Hasheem Thabeet. Wow. 2nd overall pick 2 seasons ago and now Memphis used a first round pick to get him off their payroll and to get Battier? Just so they can guarantee a playoff spot and a 4-game sweep? Ishmael Smith is actually a useful backup guard, but certainly not for the price of a first round pick, let alone a 7-3 center with raw skills.

I don't think Thabeet will turn into much, regardless of the trade. Definitely worth the flier, especially considering that they were not making the playoffs. Chris Wallace, please stand up! You essentially turned two first round picks into Shane Battier! Sweet! Good god.

(and if the OJ Mayo trade had gone through, he would have traded a no. 2 pick, a no. 5 pick and a no. 15-20 pick into Josh McRoberts, the Pacers' no. 15-20 pick and Shane Battier. Wow. I hope he gives Zach Randolph 70 mil this summer. Kill yourself Chris Wallace)

Boston Gets: Cavaliers' 2nd round pick

Cleveland Gets: Semih Erden, Luke Harangody

In the light of the Kendrick Perkins trade, I really REALLY don't get that trade. Luke Harangody is garbage. The guy shouldn't be in the league, the D-League or the Maccabi League. He's absolutely terrible and has a terrible haircut.

Erden is young and might turn out to be something someday - so why would you trade this guy if you just traded Perkins and have an injury prone Shaquille and Jermaine? It just doesn't make any sense. Danny Ainge must have been hitting the pipe on Thursday.

Charlotte Gets: Joel Przybilla, Dante Cunningham, Sean Marks, two first-round draft picks and cash

Portland Gets: Gerald Wallace

Overall, a great move for Portland. Wallace is a great great player, especially if he's the third option on your team. He plays excellent defense and hits the boards because his braids might be too tight and he think he's Charles Barkely. However, after giving up Przybilla, Cunningham and Marks, who's gonna back-up Camby and Aldrige? They essentially have no depth behind their starters, which is something to be concerned about. But thank God Greg Oden is returning soon, because they could really use his defensive toughness in the front.....womp womp. And the tears flow from Oregon.

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