Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And thus Albert Pujols will be a free agent this winter

Wow. According to Jason Stark, the St. Louis Cardinals will not reach and agreement with Albert Pujols. This comes despite an outcry from St. Louis fans (even people that aren't Cards fans, like myself) to sign this man who is the face of the franchise and one of, but more likely the best player in the game.

Stark reports that the Cardinals were not willing to extend Pujols the 10-year deal he asked for, nor the yearly salary of such a contract. Pujols was asking to be tendered a contract that would play him like the best player in the game. However, the Cardinals decided that they couldn't pay him the biggest salary in the majors - in fact, they were offering him a deal that wouldn't even pay him in the top 5!

Burn St. Louis to the ground. I've already gone over this. This situation is absolutely ridiculous. I can't wait until he signs a massive deal in December with the Yankees, the Angels, the Nationals (since obviously the Dodgers are not in on him - that's ridiculous. Don't be ridiculous. If we've learned anything by reading this blog, it's "don't be ridiculous"), or, as a big, giant "EFF YOU" to the St. Louis Cardinals organization and John Mozeliak, with the Cubs.

Do it Albert - forget St. Louis. They don't respect you, or your accomplishments. This much is obvious. Go forth brah.

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