Monday, February 21, 2011

Kobe vs.....

Kobe takes pride in staying power

Pretty intersting article by former LA Times great, JA Adande. It makes note of Kobe's elder statestmen status, and how despite his age, he's still considered one of the greats in the league - no more apparent than when he dominated the game/ball in yet another All-Star game, flanked by his great contemporaries.

Adande breezed over a section where Kobe has weathered the storm of the "Who's better conversations?" of Kobe/McGrady, Kobe/Iverson, graduating to Kobe/Wade, Kobe/LeBron.

I found this to be the most thought provoking - Kobe came into the league with comparisons to his fellow scoring guards - Iverson, Ray Allen. He then moved on to being compared to a newer crop of guys. Vince Carter. Tracy McGrady. Steve Francis. Those players came and went, followed by the class of 2003 - Carmelo, LeBron and Dwyane. And now it's Durant and Rose.

Think about that - Kobe has been questioned at every phase in his career whether he was the best of his time. Against two guys now playing overseas (Francis and Iverson), 2 guys that are afterthoughts in the league (Vince and Tracy), the young veterans (draft class of 2003) and now a couple of guys that aren't even allowed to rent a car yet. I think this is one of Kobe's forgotten accolades - his longevity of greatness.

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