Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Total Mindblow: The Charlotte Bobcats are better than the Los Angeles Lakers

How about this for a statistical mindblow - No, I'm not talking about tonight's loss. The Lakers have lost 8 out of the last 10 meetings to the Bobcats. All-time, which only amounts to 7 seasons, the Lakers are 5-8 against the Bobcats. In their illustrious 60-plus years in the National Basketball Association, the Lakers are under .500 against two teams - their hated rivals from Boston...and the Charlotte Bobcats. Yes. Not the Philadelphia 76ers, a perenial Finals opponent over the years. Not the San Antonio Spurs, owners of 4 of the last 11 titles. Not the Pistons, the Rockets or the Suns, three teams that combine for 5 titles and twice as many Finals appearances. The Charlotte Bobcats. I have to stop saying "Charlotte" and "Bobcats". My head hurts. Happy Valentine's day.

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