Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Donald Sterling don't care about black people

The Los Angeles Clippers' black history month ad controversial

In a full-page ad today in the Los Angeles Times, the LA Clippers printed an ad with Blake Griffin and owner Donald Sterling which details their intention to support Black History Month by admitting 1,000 underprivelged kids for free into a Clippers game.

Let that one sink in.

But before any criticism, let's give Donald Sterling some credit here. He's putting his own money on the line, which is shocking in itself for this Scrooge McDuck impersonating, morally bereft, putrid wasteland of a human being, and donating tickets to some kids so they can see a professional basketball game. That's nice Donny. Solid. Glad you're giving up 1,000 Clippers tickets with a combined market value of $23 dollars. Asshole.

But let's examine the litany of ways that this is offensive.

1. It's March.

Yeah...Black History Month is in February. It's not Black History Month anymore.
You had a whole month to celebrate Black History Month. Could you not squeeze that one in for all those weeks? Did you forget that February is only 28 days and you thought you had another 2 or 3 to burn?

Some trivia. You know why Black History Month is in February? Because that's when Frederick Douglass' and Abraham's Lincoln's birthdays are. You didn't know that? You don't know who Frederick Douglass is? Then stop reading my blog Donald T. Sterling. You hate mongering arrogant old blowhard.

2. Hmm. So to celebrate Black History Month, you're letting in 1,000 underpriveleged kids for free?

...because there is some sort of correlation between underprivelged kids and the black community? That what you're trying to say here Donald? That's certainly not what I'm saying. But is that what you're saying Donald, you heckling ancient buzzard? Hmm? Hmmmmm? HMMMMMMM?

3. Hmm. So to celebrate Black History Month, you're letting in 1,000 underpriveleged kids for free?

...because you feel like you need to make it up to the black community because there is a ongoing multi-million dollar racial housing discrimation suit pending against you, Donald, you cheap, penny pinching, idiotic assclown? Hmm? Hmmmmm? HMMMMMM?

This whole thing is absolutely fucked. I understand the sentiment. And truly, without mocking, I do believe that it was done with good intentions. But that's where the problem is - arrogance oftens leads to carelessness. Here, in this situation, Sterling chose to be the philantropist and give something to the community. But at the same time, he shows his true colors - thinking he did something so good, so beneficial to society and so altruistic, he lets his mental defenses down and forgets use those few filters that he so commonly has to put in place to put on his public face. So, in this moment of arrogance, Sterling showed his hubris, and thus - his obvious racial stereotyping came to surface. And thus we had this advertisement.

Some Sterling proponents, or even skeptics will say things like "well, you can't necessarily peg this on Donald Sterling. What is to say that someone in marketing or publicity didn't make this up?". There are dozens of people in the Clippers organization. Sterling doesn't write every ad and certainly doesn't oversee every single function of an ordinary business day. Maybe this is something that goes through without his knowledge?

Regardless of whether or not this is Sterling's brainchild or not, the ad is from his organization and branded with his face. His big, fat, wrinkly, decrepit, shit-eating grin slathered face. I refuse to believe that the Clippers have the permission to use their owners crooked visage (which, in the ad is the same size as Blake Griffin's face - the few dozen Clippers fans like the team in spite of you, not because of you, you miserable old racist shitbag).

I will save this rant for another day, but this is truly just another case that this guy is absolutely not fit to run, let alone run, and National Basketball Association team. This is one case in literally dozens that sully the good name of the league and my beloved home town.

Honestly though, I couldn't make up stuff this funny if I TRIED. And believe me, I've tried being funny for 26 years and all that effort has not gotten me anywhere.

Regardless, Mom, can you please get an LA Times for me today so I can frame it? Thanks ma!

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