Friday, April 22, 2011

Knicks Recap: We Need You JVG

This morning I had a question for my cousin Andrew. It centered around nutrition. Even before the Big Man answered my question, I knew that I could trust that what he said would be true. The kid's majoring in Kinesiology, and has used it to shed tons of excess in the past couple years.

As the Knicks were losing their grasp on the game tonight, ESPN showed a clip of Mike 'Antoni begging his team to show more energy on defense. The speech was all style and no substance, solely because of the speaker's credibility. This is truly important when one strives to inspire others in a moment's notice. For example, when the Celtics look into Rivers' eyes, they see their leader. When the Knicks look into 'Antoni's eyes, they just see their coach. The Knicks lost tonight because they weren't prepared to raise their game. A better coach would have done something, anything, besides resting on his laurels.

Yes, injuries made this series more difficult for 'Antoni, but the MSG faithful had more energy than the millionaires tonight. More often than not, it's the coach's fault. It's time, Dolan. Take him out back and Old Yeller his ass.

$30 mil over 4 years for Jeff Van Gundy. Get it done. Now if you'll excuse me, tonight seems like a good night to blackout.

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