Sunday, April 24, 2011

Knicks Recap: Happy Easter

A good head coach doesn't win you the game. A good head coach prevents you from losing a game.

While even some of the diehard troopers stressed over the general New York basketball malaise, Anthony Carter's play told a story. The 35-year-old vet played with the amount of moxy for which the city had begged, and my friend Crapapples had texted me to admit that the Garden looked "electric." (See? I can't be totally lame if others share the sentiment.) However, in between some monster chest bumps, I took time to read between the lines of AC's tale.

Why wasn't he given the PT earlier in the series? Well, it hit me after he buried a shot clock-beating jumper. When the ball hit net, Knicks fans were overjoyed not because of talent, but because of surprise. To put it plainly, points aren't AC's bag, baby. The guy is just not an offensive dude. But you know who is? Mike 'Antoni. AC never portrayed the offensive prowess or potential of Billups or Douglas, so he never got time. This is the same reason why Corey Brewer got cut. It's the same reason Amar'e played Center all year long. It's the same reason why Shawne Williams guarded guys like Glen Davis. You are useless to Mike 'Antoni if you can't produce on offense.

Good head coaches make adjustments. Doc Rivers frustrated Melo on every possession after Game 2. Mikey Antone just sat there...hoping...waiting...praying. Ball's in your court Dolan. Do the right thing.

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