Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday Reboot

Normally, we take some time over the weekend to act like idiots and pretend we don't have any responsibilities. In doing so, The Great Mambino goes dormant for a couple of days and gets rejuvenated on Monday morning.

This past weekend was a little different. KOBEsh and I viewed the incredible Friday night game between YOUR New York Knickerbockers and YOUR Los Angeles Lakers, in which overnight sensation Jeremy Lin outplayed Kobe Bryant in front of the loudest Madison Square Garden crowd since Larry Johnson's 4-point play.

While I celebrated the ginormous win for the Bockers, KOBEsh went home early. He stewed about the loss, and then put his words to life. What resulted was the fastest-growing blog post in Mambino's short history, excluding the two posts about The Challenge. Facebook friends re-shared the post with their networks to a level we have not seen before. Therefore, we are giving the post some heightened weekday run. At the bottom of this post is a link to KOBEsh's reaction. It is the best piece of work on this website since his famed LeBron James post last June, in which he blamed our own society (in ADDITION to LeBron, who shall never go blameless).

Read this Jeremy Lin post. It's good for you. It is unlike most of the things you will read about him.

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