Friday, July 8, 2011


Everybody knows that I love the NBA. And while I thoroughly enjoy me some hoop game, there isn't a single basketball player I love more than Derek Jeter. He is my Kobe (cheat on Minka all you want bro, I'll forgive you for the obvious lapse in judgment). That aside, I could go on and basically say everything that will be repeated in his HBO special or in the imminent ESPN montage featuring someone like Tim Kurkjian, but you guys aren't reading MAMBINO for that (you're reading because KOBEsh and I are your friends and you feel bad for us). But maybe...just don't know this fact.

Since 1900, there has been one player in MLB history who has recorded 10 years of 190+ hits, 10+ HRs, and 10+ SBs.


People love to hate Jeter. And even in New York, where he obviously gets the most love, the haters exist in bunches. But he's way more legit than even his biggest fans give him credit for.

For example, his infield slap hits have become more and more frequent these days, but the man has ELEVEN seasons with an adjusted OPS+ over 110. Only one other player in the history of the sport has more (Honus Wagner, 13 seasons).

His range has declined rather steadily and he can't do his picturesque jump throw from the hole all the way to first. But he's 37 years old! Do me a favor and do something athletic today. Distance running and cardio workouts don't count. Run a suicide. Try a bootleg long jump. Something that makes your athletic fiber twitch. Then try the same exact thing 10 years from now. If you can do it as well as you did it today, go eff yourself, because steroids are for douchebags and you clearly cheated.

He's making an absurd $17 milly this year and for each of the next couple of years as well. But that's not his fault. Last week I got a bonus because I had to put in extra work after my secretary quit. Didn't deserve it at all, but you better believe I would rather die than return money, regardless of whether or not I actually earned it.

3,000 hits is special. 3,000 hits as a Yankee, when Ruth/Gehrig/Joe D/Mantle haven't done it, is HEAVEN. Even my buddy Kingraj, who doesn't particularly like the Yanks, was on the edge of his seat last night hoping Jeter didn't get hits...just so he can see DJ3K live on Saturday.

I would say I don't ask for a lot, but that would be a lie. I enjoy asking people for everything because it allows me to do as little as possible. But don't blow it guys; watch some DJ ABs this weekend. After all, it's only history.

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