Thursday, July 28, 2011

Born Again?

Every sport has "Stand Up" moments, ones that make you get out of your seat because something cool is about to possibly happen. I stand up when LeBron and Wade are on the break. I stand up when the Sandman has a 2-strike count (Yankee blasphemy if you don't). And I stand up when Vick tucks the ball like a halfback, unleashing his inner pitbull. (Sorry. I love dogs, but I couldn't help myself there.)

Of course, standing up doesn't actually make the moment cooler. And it obviously doesn't increase the likelihood of anything happening. But we do it anyway. When the moment actually happens, it is as if we are being rewarded for our anxious anticipation.

Now, I was definitely excited by the US Women's team. But my buddy Alvy mentioned that I probably cared more than usual about a women's sport because I'm a certifiable Alex Morgan creepjob. That was coupled with wanting America to beat every other country in absolutely everything, earthquake suffering be damned. So I felt that this "soccer thing" would just pass.

Fast track to last night, when I attended the MLS All-Star Game at Red Bull Arena. To my surprise, there were a ton of Stand Up moments. When David Beckham put the ball in the air, I got up. When any player carried the ball close to the 18, I got up. Basically, when anybody did something that I try to do every Thursday night, I got up.

What do I do with this? YOUR New York Red Bulls are kinda cool, and their proximity is certainly a plus. But isn't being an MLS fan the same thing as being an NBA D-League fan? I harbor the same emotions for the Seattle Sounders that I do for the Idaho Stampede. As in, I feel nothing. The best futbol teams don't play in this country, and it pisses me off more than you'd think. Yet, I find myself on the road to becoming a true soccer fan. Got probs with that? Blame David Stern.

I learned that the Premier League will start a new season in a couple of weeks. I'll echo Simmons (who else?) and accept suggestions as to what team (or even what League) to start following. Or I'll just continue being American and let the world's most beautiful game pass me by...again.

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