Monday, May 9, 2011

Who among us put some love into Mama Gasol?

We've seen this happen to a player before. Just one year ago, LeBron James quit on the Cavaliers after Delonte West did the dirty with LeBron's mother.

I was casually watching Lakers-Mavs during a rather delightful Mother's Day when I saw Pau Gasol get hammered near the basket. Foul was called, and Pau fell to the ground. Not one teammate came to help him up. Pau even milked the hit by staying there for a few extra seconds, and still, nothing. That doesn't happen to close-knit teams, especially during the playoffs. Hell, that doesn't even happen to my Zogsports co-ed soccer league team, and I don't even know some of their last names.

Difference between us and the Lakers? We're still defending our title.

Internet rumors swirled around Lakerland that Kobe's wife got into a little tiff with Pau's girlfriend, causing the breakup of Pau's relationship. Of course that would explain it, but wouldn't it be more fun to find out that someone certifiable like Ron-Ron or Matt Barnes ran train on someone in Pau's family? Mother's Day was yesterday, so it's natural to think that Pau was thinking about his once-pure-but-now-addicted-to-NBA-meat mother.

And that tells the story more than the numbers do. But just in case you read this blog because you support my general awesomeness, rather than being an actual NBA fan, here are the numbers anyway:

Pau's regular season:

18.8 points per game. 10.2 rebounds per game. 53% field goal shooting. 14.9 win share (nice!). 0.1 Kobe death stares per game.

Pau's 2011 playoffs:

13.1 ppg. 7.8 rpg. 42% fg. 0.9 win share (yikes!). 4.6 kdspg.

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