Friday, November 2, 2012

NFL Week 9 Picks

Well I took a week off to celebrate a .500 week in Week 7. The record now sits at 28-47. I still haven't had one winning week all season, but my six week losing streak is over. And now let's commence a winning streak.

(Editor's note: At this point, I'd just go ahead and do the opposite of what Mr. Marquez predicts. You've got a 3/5 chance that he's completely wrong)

CINCINNATI (+3.5) over Denver: I was thinking of taking Denver, but I took a page from Peyton and called an audible. The Bengals are at home, coming off the bye, and getting points.

Baltimore (-3.5) over CLEVELAND: Before LeBron left, before Sabathia left, there was the original Cleveland Browns leaving. The Baltimore Ravens are coming back for the first time since the death of Art Model. They are coming off of the bye week and the creepiest holiday of our calendar (Edgar Allen Poe feeds off of that). Given that the Colts would have covered this same line at Cleveland two weeks ago, there’s no way the Ravens aren’t doing the same this week.

GREEN BAY (-10) over Arizona: The Cardinals looked really bad last Thursday especially when it came to running the football. If they can’t keep Aaron Rodgers off the field, the Packers should have no problem getting this spread and then some.

Chicago (-3.5) over TENNESSEE: The Titans have been a fun team to watch I must admit. That said, the Bears look like the second best team in the NFC right now and should match up well with an average team on the road.

INDIANAPOLIS (+2.5) over Miami: This is basically a pick em’ game, so I’ll take the home team that has a healthy starting quarterback.

Carolina (+3) over Washington: The Panthers played great for a little more than three quarters last week. In any case, throw out the records. This is a game worth watching if anything for the style of play that RG III and Cam bring to the table.

Detroit (-4.5) over JACKSONVILLE: I don’t know. On paper I just think the Jaguars have the worst team in the NFL. Steve Spurrier might be on to something. Could Alabama beat Jacksonville minus Maurice Jones Drew? They’d have the edge in coaching.

Houston (-10) over Buffalo: This is a tough game to pick because I think Buffalo will put up some points, but we’ve seen how Buffalo has done against the upper echelon (San Francisco & New England). They don’t like to cover.

Tampa Bay (pick) over OAKLAND:  Lock of the week. Take the Pirates.

Minnesota (+4) over SEATTLE: I think Seattle wins this game, but not by enough. Minnesota is a team that is going to get 9 to 10 wins this year. They are that good. I think this game is a 17-14 type of game that gets won late. Two good defenses.

NY GIANTS (-3) over Pittsburgh: Hurricane Sandy has seemed to be a rallying cry. Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich compared the fight against Sandy to fighting cancer. Needless to say, the Giants have extra motivation coming into this one.

ATLANTA (-4) over Dallas: Tony Romo is a good man. I want him to succeed. I really do. He isn’t going to though. He was just born to fail. He’s a tragic character. Even if we consider him to be an above average QB in the league, the Cowboys will just never win with him. In terms of this game, Rob Ryan shouldn’t have run his mouth. A defensive coordinator needs to know his role. You are supposed to be someone that people point toward rather than scream look at me. That’s the job of a coordinator. Not quite the water boy, not quite the head coach, but somewhere between the two. Now the undefeated Falcons are going to run up the score. Which is fine if you are a gambling man.

Philadelphia (+3) over New Orleans: It would be nice if Philadelphia wins, Michael Vick throws two interceptions, Michael Vick throws two touchdowns and we need to spend another week talking about his job security. Therefore it won’t happen. New Orleans will squeak by.

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