Monday, December 20, 2010

Broadcaster English to English Translation

I have noticed that sports broadcasters, like all other humans, sometimes can't say what they mean, so they find another way to say it. Is it because they know the players on a personal level? Is it because they are, in a way, spokespeople for the team? Is it because Jerry Jones has the broadcast booth lined with explosives? Who knows. Either way, I find that it would be most heplful to lend my expertise in Broadcast English to help translate some of the more commonly used phrases to regular, American english.

“This town is really getting behind this team”

Translation: No one gave a shit before we made the playoffs, but now that we’re up a game in the Conference Finals/Championship Series, we're selling out the stadium/arena and the general public has started to pay attention. Also, the team has such awesome chemistry that they created a neat hand sign/catch phrase and it’s getting mentioned in the 6’o clock news with Chuck Henry. Plus, people think waving colored towels is really neat.

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